The 33rd annual Taos Pueblo Pow Wow got underway Friday. For the next three days, Native Americans from across the country will celebrate their culture. They will hold traditional dance competitions and have booths.
Members of Indian tribes throughout the country gather in Taos to compete in traditional dance competitions. Crafts booths and food vendors ring the pow wow circle during the three-day event.
The Taos Pueblo community is very proud that this widely attended event has achieved this very significant milestone of 33 years in existence. There are only a handful of pow wow’s in the United States that have reached this mark.
A pow wow is a gathering of Indian Nations in a common circle of friendship. Indian Country is made up of many tribal nations, bands, villages, and pueblos, each with their own traditional tribal beliefs and practices. A powwow is the common fiber which draws Indian people together. It is a time for sharing with old friends and making new friends; a time for singing and dancing. It is also a time for trading — trading craft goods and trading songs.
Tickets are $15 for one day, $20 for two days, or $25 for all three days. The Pow Wow grounds are located off Highway 64, about three miles north of the Taos Plaza.