It depends on where you are. New Mexico is the 5th largest State in the Union geographically speaking. There is a lot of diversity in culture and climate as a result of its sheer size.
In Santa Fe, can get cold, but is very active. You can find a lot of Native American culture there, but also it’s the political center of the state. You can visit the Round House and watch the state legislature in action.
Albuquerque is the biggest city. But at the same time, you can find the typical southern hospitality you’d expect from a slower pace of life. You can also enjoy the lifestyle fill with Art and Culture.
The north of New Mexico is beautiful. Nature is very green, and there are grass fields that go on forever.
The south is more desert-like. The foliage is yellow (pastures and mesquite bushes). The population centers of the south are also smaller. However, there is still a lot of diversity in the large southern half of the state.