Holly Wilson has been on the poetry scene in Albuquerque since the 70’s when she started reading her poetry at poetry readings. During the 70s, she also published three chapbooks, two in English and one in Spanish. In the 80s, she hosted a monthly poetry reading for several years at the Bookcase in Albuquerque. In 2013 she began presenting performance poetry with her partner, Pamela Hirst, as the Beatlick Sisters, who combined poetry with guitar, drum, dancing, props, and visuals. In May 2018, Holly published her first “real book”, called Assorted Snapshots, which contains poems she wrote in the 70’s, 80s, and 90s. The book is divided into ten sections, each of which represents one of the themes that she writes about, such as nature, politics, traveling, and time. Since September 2018, Holly Wilson started hosting the Open Poetry Readings at the Tortuga Gallery.