The operators of an adventure retreat in Glorieta are preparing for the potential arrival of 2,400 unaccompanied immigrant children through a contract with the federal government to house them safely.
The camp, which was waiting for the contract to be finalized Tuesday, is asking for 400 volunteers from the community to help care for the children.
Property representatives said they could not speak about the deal in detail until it was made official.
Dozens of paid positions also were posted Tuesdasy for workers at the camp to help with the temporary initiative.
The Hire Firm, a staffing agency in Northern New Mexico, is seeking to fill 60 paid positions at $20 an hour for people serving as food preps, kitchen cleaning staff, housekeepers and people to work directly with the children, according to job postings.
Glorieta Camps, operated by a Christian faith-based nonprofit called Glorieta 2.0, sits on a 2,400-acre property south of Santa Fe. It offers a variety of lodging options for families and kids, including hotel-style rooms, with full private bathrooms for families and bunk-style dorms with in-room sinks and shared bathrooms.
The retreat was founded in 1952 as the Glorieta Baptist Assembly but was purchased by Glorieta 2.0 in 2013. According to its website, the camp facilities include a dining hall, a coffee shop, courts, trails, game fields, large communal areas and outdoor patios. AP credits.

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