The name of New Mexico town will soon be on a new fleet of cars. Volkswagen is gearing up to roll out a new mid-sized SUV named Taos.
The mayor of Taos says he’s excited for the town’s name to be featured on the new car and hopes people not familiar with the town will stop by.
“We are excited that Volkswagen has named their sport utility vehicle after the town of Taos,” said Taos Mayor Dan Barrone in a Volkswagen press release. “It’s a great opportunity for our community to share its rich history and culture alongside Volkswagen with its unique and rich history and culture.”
The German car manufacturer posted a promo video for the new SUV that features the Rio Grande Gorge and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The new Taos SUV will join other cars with southwestern names like the Hyundai Santa Fe, Chevy Colorado, and Hyundai Tucson.
The vehicle’s official reveal will take place on October 13. Full Credits KRQE

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