It was clear that Trump was a racist decades ago with housing discrimination lawsuits and calling for the execution of five Black children in New York City who became known as the Central Park Five, now the Exonerated Five. However, after another one of his racist rants targeted Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — they have known spoken out in a no holds barred press conference.
Pressley demanded people not be distracted considering the other issues, like the detention of immigrants on the border, saying, “Do not take the bait. This is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous, chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration… This is a disruptive distraction from the issues of care, concern and consequence to the American people that we were sent here with a decisive mandate from our constituents to work on.”
She included, “Our squad is big,” meaning, the “squad” is everyone who is against his racist rhetoric.
Omar delivered the most blistering rebuke of Trump, “This is a president who has overseen the most corrupt administration in our history and pursued an agenda to allow millions of Americans to die from a lack of health care while he transfers millions of dollars in tax cuts to corporations.” She continued, “This is a president who has said, ‘Grab women by the pussy’. This is a president who’s called Black athletes sons of bitches. This is a president who has called Black people who come from Black and brown countries shitholes. This is a president who has equated neo-Nazis with those who protest against them in Charlottesville.” She also added, “This is the agenda of white nationalists. … This is his plan to pit us against one another.”
She ended by calling for his impeachment.

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