Ernestine Romero, famous New Mexico singer, was found shot dead alongside her husband, Jessie Saucedo. Saucedo, 32, is believed to killed his wife and then taken his own life. The shooting took place in Santa Fe on the afternoon of July 11. Romero was 32 years old. She was killed the day after her birthday.
The Santa Fe Police Department made the tragic announcement in a July 12 statement. The statement said that Romero was found with two gunshot wounds in her chest in the passenger seat of a BMW sports utility vehicle. Saucedo was sat next to Romero. He was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head. The gun was found in the car.
In addition to her singing career, Romero also worked in the state government’s school budget and finance office. Police said that the bodies were found close to the Jerry Apodaca Education Building in the downtown area of the city.
According to an online bio, Romero is a native of Pojoaque, New Mexico. The prolific singer released her first album at the age of 11.

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