A moving tribute for veterans returning from Washington, D.C., was done as hundreds showed up at the Albuquerque Sunport to welcome them back home.
Twenty-six veterans from three different wars were flown out to the nation’s capital earlier this week for the 75th anniversary.
They arrived to home to a large crowd, hugs and plenty of thank yous.
“For me, it was an honor,” veteran Laurence Talamante said.
Even before the plane landed, family, friends and firefighters were waiting for the veterans on the tarmac.
For some veterans, it was the welcome home they never got before.
“I feel privileged. It’s very awesome. I’m glad. I’m glad they’re treating the veterans, because when I came back from Vietnam, nobody cared, ever, about anything, but now they do,” veteran Eugene Foxworthy said.
The veterans spent the last few days touring the nation’s capital as part of the annual Honor Flight, a gift to those who have given so much.
The big thing that made the event wonderful was that the trip was free for veterans.

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