On Sunday, rain and hail pounded Roswell, Dexter, Hagerman and surrounding areas of southern New Mexico.
The strong storms came as a surprise to Erica Garcia, who lives in Hagerman.
“We didn’t think we would get any of it,” she said. “We just thought it was going to go that way because, usually, it always does go around different ways. It just never does get us and it got us.”
Garcia said she was about to make dinner when she began to hear hail falling outside.
Strong winds and rain followed, leaving her home under water.
“We grabbed what we could, change of clothes, you know?” Garcia said. “Just important stuff and we walked out.”
Garcia said the water in her house reached about two feet.
She and her family found shelter at their in-law’s house in Dexter.
Garcia’s home was not the only victim of the storm.
Ranches were destroyed and the roof caved in at a woman’s house.
She and her family managed to get out safely.

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