Police said the suspect, a long-term and current Virginia Beach city employee, fired “indiscriminately” in a public utilities building.
The gunman, whose identity was not released, was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police.
Officials said an officer was wounded when a bullet struck his vest.
One of the victims was shot outside in a car, and the rest were found over three floors of the government building, Police Chief James Cervera said.
Four officers entered the building and located the gunman inside and “immediately engaged” him, Chief Cervera said. The attacker was then killed in an extended exchange of gunfire.
The police chief said the crime scene was “horrific” and could “best be described as a war zone”.
Police recovered a rifle and a handgun, thought to have been used by the suspect, at the scene.
The identities of the 12 victims and the suspect have not yet been released. Chief Cervera said the suspect’s name would only be released after the victims’ families had been notified.

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