The Central American caravan of migrants decided to depart Mexico City on Friday and head toward the city of Tijuana in the State of Baja California, choosing the longer but likely safer route to The United States border, caravan organizers said.
The decision was made late Thursday in a Mexico City stadium where approximately 5,000 migrants have spent the past few days and nights resting, receiving medical attention and debating how to proceed to their next stop. It came right after caravan representatives met with officials from the local United Nations office and demanded buses to take them to the border. However, caravan coordinator Milton Benitez told the migrants that they were still waiting for a response. Later on he said to local Press the officials had offered them buses for women and children, but organizers demanded that they be for everyone. United Nations representatives couldn’t be reached.
Roberto Valdovinos, who is working as a liaison between migrants and the press, said Friday morning that a 750 member contingent had left the stadium to continue their journey to Tijuana.
A few migrants from Cortes, Honduras, said they couldn’t take staying at the sports complex any longer because they are sick from the cold and humidity.
Later on Hector Wilfredo Rosales, a 46-year-old electrician from Olancho, Honduras, who was traveling with his 16-year-old son in law said: “There will be no buses” “They have lied to us a few times, but we will walk like we have done until today.”
Mexico City is over 600 miles from the nearest U.S. border crossing at McAllen, Texas, and a previous caravan in the spring opted for the longer route to Tijuana in the far northwest, across from San Diego. That caravan steadily diminishes to about 200 people by the time it reached the border.

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